Start a career at United Nations Young Professionals Programme (YPP) - Legal Affairs

08.12.2022 10:04
  UNITED NATIONS  NATIONS UNIES         Dear Czech Society of International Law representative,   Know someone who might be interested in beginning a career in Legal Affairs within the United Nations? The application period for the United...

Climate Change and International Trade (Abstract Summary from Michelle Zang)

07.12.2022 12:33
The nexus between climate change and international trade has been gradually re-defined in the last decades. The classic misunderstanding claiming mutual exclusiveness and regulatory conflict is replaced by the proposition that trade and trade policy could be the force multiplier for global climate...

Statement on the Russian attack on Ukraine

25.02.2022 18:24
The Czech Society of International Law considers the invasion of the Russian Federation into the territory of Ukraine to be a flagrant breach of international law.  The situation in Ukraine constitutes a breach of international peace and security. This is a violation of the prohibition of the...
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